About IMRB
About IMRB
Regulations of the International Mines Rescue Body
  1. Name of the IMRB
  2. IMRB Scope of Operation
  3. Major Objectives and Purposes of the IMRB
  4. Membership in the IMRB
  5. Tasks to be Completed by the IMRB
  6. Major Bodies of the IMRB
  7. Final Provisions

  1. Name of the IMRB

    The International Mines Rescue Body is hereby appointed by the appropriate representatives of mines rescue staff members from different countries.

    The International Mines Rescue Body may use a shortened name “IMRB”.

    The IMRB shall be an informal association.

    The IMRB is appointed for indefinite period of time.

  2. IMRB Scope of Operation

    The IMRB shall have an international scope of operation

  3. Major Objectives and Purposes of the IMRB

    The objectives of aims of the IMRB are to promote the mines rescue operations in the international platform and initiate as well as support the cooperation aiming at the progress in the mines rescue area.

    The IMRB may establish cooperation with other professional organizations, involved in mine rescue services

    The IMRB shall meet its objectives by:

    • an exchange of information on the organization of rescue brigades in different countries,
    • an exchange of information on rescue operations,
    • an exchange of information on methods of principles of rescue training,
    • an exchange of information on the technical equipment of the rescue staff,
    • an exchange of the research findings on the rescue equipment, the respiratory system protection equipment in particular, already used or to be used in the future,
    • the presentation of the new technical solutions and new technologies of rescue operations.
  4. Membership in the IMRB

    The operation of the IMRB shall be based on the voluntary membership of the organizations representing rescue brigades and regulatory authorities of rescue activities of different countries and different types of the mining industry

    Representatives of other organizations involved in the mining industry, as well as those of the research and development centers may be invited to participate in the work of the IMRB.

    The IMRB members shall be obliged to:

    • participate in meetings,
    • be involved in all forms of the IMRB activities, mentioned in Section 3.3

    The IMRB is willing to accept the new representatives of mine rescue services as its members at its meeting.

    The membership shall be withdrawn upon a written notification of a IMRB member’s resignation presented during a meeting.

  5. Tasks to be Completed by the IMRB

    The IMRB shall complete its tasks by, among other activities, the following:

    • organization of the periodical, every two years, meetings of the rescue brigade representatives, and the meeting shall be each time held in a different country,
    • preparation of the materials for the international mines rescue web site,
    • transfer of the information of common interest between the IMRB members,
    • organization of the shows of rescue brigade operations in different countries during the meetings.
  6. Major Bodies of the IMRB

    The work of the IMRB shall be managed by the Steering Committee appointed during the meeting that shall initiate the operation of the IMRB in May 2001. The Committee shall be made up of the Leaders of delegations participating in the Initiation Meeting.

    The work of the IMRB during the periodical meetings shall be managed each time by the President of rescue staff (organization) in the country of the next meeting.

    The costs related to participation in meeting of specific delegations shall be borne by the members of those delegations.

    The Steering Committee shall appoint the rescue organization that will undertake to run an international mines rescue web site.

    The IMRB members agree to provide the information on the updated data of specific rescue brigades consistently to the President of the Steering Committee.

  7. Final Provisions

    The Regulations shall become effective upon execution by the members hereto.


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